Baldor Electric Motor KBM3454

Brake Motors,

Machine tools, conveyors, door operators, speed reducers, any application requiring quick stop and hold. Eurton repairs and rewinds all Baldor Electric Motors!

  • Spring set brake
  • Power off operation manual release
  • Resets automatically
  • Brakes internally connected to motor on 215T and smaller
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Motor repairs and rewinds include everything necessary to return your motor to peak condition which may involve armature rewinding, field coil rewinding, stator rewinding, brake and clutch coil rewinding, tach rotor rewinding, encoders, resolvers, bearings, brushes, and machining. Because of these variables, it is usually best to send the motor to us first for evaluation, and then get a firm quote. For convenience, you can get an approximate quote by filling out the Repair This Motor Quote Form. We also offer Rush Service and Quantity Discounts.

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