Motors: EBM-Papst

Rooted in ebm, PAPST and mvl, three companies with rich traditions, today's ebm-papst group has a one-of-a-kind product range of motors and fans that makes us the world market leader. Our customers benefit from the combination of our innovative potential, skills and knowledge and the exceptional commitment of each employee. With offices in major cities throughout North America and Ireland, our highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals is ready to tackle your most difficult air moving challenges and offer solutions that meet your needs. We serve all markets including IT & Telecomm, HVAC, Refrigeration, Gas & Heating, Household Appliances, Industrial, Drive Systems, Automotive & Rail Technology, Medical, and more. You can always count on prompt, courteous service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

EBM Motor Repair and Rewind
Price: Call, Fax, Email for price and delivery
EBMPAPST BCI 63.55 Motor Repair
Price: $425.00 5-2018
EBM Papst R2E250-AL05-12 Blower Motor Repair
Price: $450.00 3-2018
EBM D2E133-AM47-80 Blower Motor Repair
Price: $625.00 7-2017
EBM Papst D2E133-AM35-B4 Blower Motor Repair
Price: $650.00 7-2016
EBM Axial Fan
Application: Fan Motors (see also Blowers and Fans)
EBM Pabst Fan / Blower
Application: Blowers & Fans
Price: $450.00 09/11
Siemens Hybrid Bus Axial Fan Motor Repair
Application: Blowers & Fans
Price: $550.00 4-2016
Application: Fan Motors (see also Blowers and Fans)
Price: $390.00 07/11
ECI 63
Application: Machinery Motors