Hitachi 28 Bar Hammer Armature Rewind.

Power Tools, Hammers Breaker, Demo, Rotary,


Hammer:  Demolishion, Rotary

360-571U, 360-505U, 984-170U, 360-561U, 981-971C, 981-971U, 360-426U, 360-737U

Bars:  28

Slots:  14


H45FRV 3/4" Hex Demolition Hammer
H45MRY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer
H45MR SDS Max Shank Demolition Hammer
DH25PB 31/32" VSR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
DH25V 1" Rotary Hammer
DH30PC 1-3/16" VSR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
DH30PB SDS+ 1-3/16" 2 Rotary Hammer VSR
DH38YA SPLINE 1/2" Rotary Hammer
H45SA Demolition Hammer
VRY38 Rotary Hammer
DH38YE 1-1/2" Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode, Spline Shank
H45SB Hammer
DH38YA SPLINE 1/2" Rotary Hammer
DH40FB SPLINE 1-9/16" Rotary Hammer
DH40MB SDS MAX 1-9/16" Rotary Hammer
DH45MR 1-3/4" SDS Max IDI Rotary Hammer

$85.00 4 2012
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