Proform Treadmill Motor Repair 198237

Proform Treadmills

ProformTreadmill Motor 198237  Rebuild Includes the Following:

Motor disassembly

Armature testing:  test for shorted windings by a bar to bar electrical resistance ohm test.  Test for insulation breakdown by 1,000 volt hi-pot, and a 500 volt megger test.  Check shaft for straightness.

If windings pass the above tests, the armatures’ commutator is turned, undercut and polished to return the armature to its original condition, within .002” out of round.  The reconditioned armature is checked for proper balance and rebalanced if needed.  If the armature does not pass the above tests, armature is rewound with new commutator.

Magnets are checked for magnetism and chips or cracks are repaired.

Brush holders are tested for insulation leakage by 1,000 volt hi-pot and 500 volt megger tests.

Motor bearing journals are inspected and machined if needed

Bearings are replaced,  Brushes are replaced

Motor reassembly and testing,  Cleaning and painting,  Labor



293060 580X Treadmill
293061 580X Treadmill
293062 580X Treadmill
293063 580X Treadmill
294050 540S Treadmill
294051 540S Treadmill
294052 540S Treadmill
294060 585S Treadmill
294062 585S Treadmill
294063 585S Treadmill
294250 545S Treadmill
294251 545S Treadmill
294252 545S Treadmill
DRTL99120 770Cd Treadmill
DTL52940 Cs9E Treadmill
DTL52941 Cs9E Treadmill
DTL52942 Cs9E Treadmill
PCTL96040 585S Treadmill
PFTL5123 S0 530 Treadmill
PFTL51230 530 Treadmill
PFTL51231 530 Treadmill
PFTL51232 530 Treadmill
PFTL51233 530 Treadmill
PFTL51330 530I Treadmill
PFTL51331 530I Treadmill
PFTL79020 720 Treadmill
PFTL79021 720 Treadmill
PFTL79022 720 Treadmill
PFTL79023 720 Treadmill

$115.00 4 2012
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