Stators: Ridgid

RIDGID offers a large variety of equipment for several different industries. Both A.C. & D.C. motors. Pipe threaders, saws, drills, and more! Eurton repairs and rewinds them all!

Ridgid, Oster Lamb Pipe Threader Stator Rewind
Price: $195.00 4-2017
Ridgid 60507, K7500 Field Coil Rewind
Price: $115.00 6-2018
Ridgid 600 Pipe Threader 21716 Field Coil Rewind
Application: Pipe Machine Motor Repair
Price: $85.00 4-2015
Ridgid 44070 Model 700 Field Coil Rewind
Application: Pipe Threader
Price: 75.00 3-2015
Ridgid 300/535 “Ultimate” Field Coil Rewind 44015
Application: Bleacher Motors
Price: $75.00 1-2014
Ridgid MS129DL2A Mitre Saw 12” Field Coils Rewind
Price: $65.00 09/2011
Test Stator
Price: $199