Bridgeport Series II Standard

Machinery Motors,

Rugged 4 HP 4J variable speed head  was standard.  Spindle speeds range infinitely variable from 50-3500 rpm. #40 taper standard (My Preference Universal #300), & #40 quick­change spindle and quill power feed  was optional.  Head adjusts 90˚ left or right, 45˚ front or back.

V-ram Standard. 360˚ rotation. 16" in/out travel.  4¼ ” diameter chrome-plated quill.

Box ways on saddle and knee.  Gibs hand-scraped for precision “It’s a Bridgeport”. One-shot lubrication system.  All standard. Optional chrome plated saddle and knee ways. There were a few of these machines made with a ram that was machined for mounting the 2J or Variable speed head on the rear. Enabling the operator greater diversity. But at $65,000 for just the base machine with chrome who could have afforded the optional ram.

At the time of my writing this no Bridgeport Series 2 Standard or Special is being produced.

X-Y axis feed rates infinitely variable from .38 to 24 ipm.  Z­ axis feed rate infinitely variable from .19 to 12 ipm.  Power feed on all axes.

Eurton repairs and rewinds all Bridgeport Motors!

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