Siemens Hybrid Bus Drive Motor Repair

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Hybrid Bus Drive Motor Repair

3 Phase Motor 1PV5138-4W624-Z  W12

No. YF T431 08632 04   003

60 min  85kW / 142 A / 6000 rpm

1,5 min 150 kW / 250 A / 6000 rpm

Rated Bus Voltage  650 V

Encoder:  Hall Effect 64 pulses / rev


Eurton Electric repairs/rewinds/rebuilds all types of electrical motors and coils for the Bus/Transit industry.  AC Condenser Motors, Evaporator Motors, AC Clutch Coils, Hybrid Transit Bus Drive Motors and Generators, Heater/Defroster Motors, Marine Pumps and more.


Please send your motor to us when you can along with a copy of this webpage. 

$4,450.00 12-2015
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