LifeFtiness 9000 Series A.C Treadmill Motor Repair


LifeFitness 9000 Series  AC Treadmill Motor Rebuild Includes the Following:

Motor disassembly

Stator testing:  test for shorted windings by electrical resistance ohm test.  Test for insulation breakdown by 1,000 volt hi-pot, and a 500 volt megger test.

Check Rotor shaft for straightness and balance.


If windings pass the above tests, the stator windings are re-coated with varnish.  If the armature windings do not pass the tests above, you will be notified if rewinding is needed as this would be an extra charge.

Motor bearing journals are inspected and machined if needed

New Bearings are installed, New Capacitor

Motor reassembly and testing,  Cleaning and painting

Labor,  Warranty


9000, Serial# 341200-344636

$145.00 4 2012
Rebuild/rewind price is based on our costs at the date shown.
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