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Thousands of electric motor parts and supplies including Bearings, Brush Caps, Capacitors, Commutators, Cords, Pipe Threading Parts, Plugs, Power Tool Brush Kits, Repair Tags, and more!

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Motor Repair & Rewinds

Find your motor in our online database and recieve a quick estimate for any repair or rewinding. Not sure which motor you have? No Problem! At Eurton we’ll rewind anything!

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Electric Motor Repair, Rewinds, & Parts

Eurton Electric specializes in electric motor repair & rewinding. Whether it’s an armature, field coil, motor, stator, or anything else that requires winding, we can repair it! Family owned and operated since 1933, Eurton Electric is proud to have the employee expertise to repair and rebuild what other shops can’t, won’t, or don’t have time to do.