Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find The Right Capacitor

Finding the right motor capacitor is relatively easy when you know what to look for. There are four main ways to identify the right capacitor for you.

1. The “uf” or “mfd” rating: This is the power of the capacitor and should be matched as closely as possible. This information can be found on the capacitor itself. Some capacitors have a range, while others have a specific amount.

2. The “VAC” rating: This is an insulation rating and should be matched as closely as possible as well. However, you can go to a higher VAC rating and still be ok, as long as the capacitor still fits dimensionally. Going up from a 250 VAC to a 450 VAC, at the same uf or mfd rating, usually just means it has thicker insulation and can be an upgrade to the original. However, it is not recommended to go down in VAC unless customer approves. Quite often we see a 120 volt motor come in with a 450 VAC capacitor and even though a 125 to 440 VAC will work just fine, it is best to get the customers’ approval if a 450 is not available.

3. Body Style: We have capacitors that are round, oval, rectangular, with terminals, with wires, with a mounting bolt, and more. Make sure to match the body style to the sample or photo supplied.

4. Body Dimensions: It’s no good if we match a capacitor with “uf” or “mfd”, VAC rating, and Style, but it doesn’t fit dimensionally for some reason. Many applications have specific shells they must fit into, and others have no size restrictions. Our website has each capacitors body dimensions. Click “More Info” on the selected capacitor and check the table for the dimensions.

These are the 4 most common ways of identifying sample and photos of the capacitor. Fortunately we can get just about all the information we need from the capacitor itself from the information printed on the capacitor, the visual body style and physical dimensions.

Plus Comm.

With many armature rewinds, the commutator is an extra charge if a replacement comm. is needed. When the price reads "+ comm." it means there will be an additional charge when a commutator is required.

Quantity Discounts

Yes, quantity discounts are available. If you have several of one type of rewind, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you a better price. Depending on the rewind, your savings can range from a small amount to a substantial savings.

Turn Around Time

Eurton Electric strives for on-time delivery for all winding and repair services.  We offer Regular Service 7-10 business days, approx, Overtime 3-4 business days, Super Overtime 24-48 hours.

I Have Something Not Listed

Every month we rewind hundreds of armatures, motors, stators, etc. for which we have no idea of their manufacturer, application, rpm, voltage, etc.

If you have an armature, field coil, motor, stator, or anything that requires winding, get it to Eurton and we’ll take care of the rest!

Estimating & Quoting

Most motor components (armatures, field coils, stators…) and small, easy to evaluate motors are given a no charge/free estimate.  However, more complicated, large or beyond normal, time consuming motors or components may require an estimating fee or tooling charge.  In these cases, we will notify you with this information and wait for your approval before proceeding.

Additionally please note that when you receive a free estimate and decline to have the work performed, your motor will be returned disassembled. Should you require your motor to be assembled, we must impose a labor charge - amount to be determined by the size and difficulty of your motor.


Orders are shipped F.O.B. our plant by UPS Ground, Red, Blue, or Orange Label, Federal Express, Express Mail, or any other courier of customers" choice. If not specified, we will ship standard UPS Ground.

Prices Listed Are Only A Guide

The prices listed are a guide only. Sure 95% of the rewinds may fall between the prices listed, but there are always exceptions. Your best bet is to send your rewind with a note that reads, "call if over ($ catalog price)". This way we can call and let you know if the price will exceed the price listed on the note.

Pick Up & Delivery

Is sending packages to Eurton Electric an inconvenience because you’re not on a daily pick-up route? If yes, just call us and we"ll arrange for UPS to pick up your package and deliver it to us.


All windings come with a 90 day warranty. It is limited, so inquire for details if you ever have a need.


Orders can be paid by credit card, or shipped C.O.D. A credit application must be filled out and approved for all new customers wanting a net 30 day account.

Return Policy

All product & motor returns include a $10 re-stocking fee, or 15% of the product price, whichever is higher.

Payment Policy

All orders are invoiced and billed at time of completion.  Orders can be paid and billed with 30 day terms, credit cards, or shipped c.o.d.  Unless otherwise agreed, credit card information is taken at the time of job approval and not processed until the job has been completed and ready to ship or be picked up in will call.

Eurton 30 Day Accounts

Frequent/repeat customers may apply for a 30 day account.  A credit application must be submitted and approved prior to opening the account.  Note* At this time, our website only takes credit card orders.  All open account orders need to be e-mailed, phoned, faxed or mailed to Eurton for processing.

Credit Card Orders

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Abandoned Orders

Estimated Repair/Rewind orders on hold for an extended amount of time without any communication or payment from the customer are considered “Abandoned” after 90 days and subject to disposal.

Cancelled Orders

An order may be cancelled at anytime during the repair/rewind process.  However payment for the work done is required before work is returned or scrapped.  For example; if the job is half done, then half the payment is due, etc.  Cancelled jobs that occur before repairs have begun may be subject to any expenses incurred as a result of obtaining the estimate including motor disassembly and re-assembly.

$4.75 1st Class Domestic Shipping

Order 1, 25, 100 or more for only $4.75 shipping & handling on all domestic brush orders!  Just click on "1st Class Shipping" at check out.  Your freight charges here will be $0.00, only a $4.75 processing fee will apply!!

If your order is combined with parts other than brushes, then normal freight charges apply.

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