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Motor Repair

Motor failures are one of the most common problems with the ABS components.  Eurton Electric rebuilds/rewinds all type of ABS / Anti-Lock Brake Systems motors.   Complete armature rewinding with new commutators, bearings, brushes, labor and warranty.  Everything needed to return the motor back into new conditon. 

Regular Service 7-10 days

Overtime Service 3-4 days x 1.5

Super OT  24-48 hours (if possible) x 2

*Note:  Eurton Electric rebuilds and rewinds the ABS motors only.  We are happy to remove, rebuild and re-install your motor on your pump if you have trouble removing it, but we do not repair the other components of the pump. 

Please send your motor/pump to us when you can along with a copy of this webpage. 

$175.00 - $245.00 Most Models
Rebuild/rewind price is based on our costs at the date shown.
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