Eurton Electric Company offers a 90 day warranty when performing rebuild or repair service of motors and motor components (armatures, stators, field assemblies, coil etc.). In the event of a warranty claim, Eurton Electric Company must be notified promptly prior to any repairs or replacement of failed motors and/or motor components. The failed motor, armature, stator or field assembly shall be sent to Eurton Electric for diagnosis on the cause of the failure. If the failure occurs within the 90 day warranty, and is due to defective material and/or workmanship, Eurton Electric shall, at its sole option, either repair on a straight time basis, issue credit, or replace, FOB warehouse, any such motor or component which is defective within the warranty period.

Failure to notify Eurton Electric Company prior to performing repairs or providing replacements will result in denial of warranty claims. Opening or disassembling a motor will result in a denial of warranty claims.