Ridgid 300/535 “Ultimate” Armature Rewind 44010

Pipe Machine Motor Repair, Pipe Threader,


44010, D696

Model:  300/535  Pipe Machine

"Ultimate" Armature Rewind

This special magnet wire has been specifically designed for use in motors that may be subjected to higher voltage and amp. spikes present in heavy duty and special applications. The combination of the modified polyester basecoat and amide-imide topcoat provides an insulation system with outstanding toughness and excellent dielectric properties.  Inverter duty magnet wire has improved voltage endurance and thermal properties, compared to standard NEMA MW 35-C magnet wire.

VPI Dip and Bake.  VPI is greatly superior the conventional “dip and bake” method.  VPI provides the best varnish penetration that gives you the greatest mechanical strength, a cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation, and the highest level of environmental protection. A motor winding that undergoes VPI holds up much better to oil, moisture, and chemical contaminants.


NEW ARMATURE (standard, not wound with inverter duty wire)


300 Power Drive
300A Power Drive
535 Early Style Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine
535 Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine


$125.00 01-2014
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