GE MagneBlast 0685C0810G005, 243C492G1, 243C492G3 Elevating Motor Repair

General Electric (GE)
Switchgear / Charging Motor,

GE, General Electric  

MagneBlast Vertical Lift Switchgear

Part # 0685C0810G005, 243C492G1 (120 volt AC/DC), 243C492G3 (230 volt)

230 VAC / 250 VDC  "Can also convert these to different voltages"  

Elevating Motor Repair / Rewinding


Rebuild includes: 

All necessary armature and field coil rewinding, new bearings, new brushes, new commutator, brush holders and caps, switch, connector, wiring, labor, testing and warranty.  


Please send your motor to us when you can along with a copy of this webpage. 

$385.00 10-2020
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