Treadmill Motor Repair, Rebuilding and Rewinding

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Treadmill Motor Rebuilding, and Rewinding

Normal Motor Rebuild

Armature testing, Machining, and balance

Magnets are checked for magnetism and chips or cracks are repaired.

Brush holders are tested for insulation leakage by 1,000 volt hi-pot and 500 volt megger tests.

Motor bearing journals are inspected and machined if needed

New Bearings    New Brushes

Motor reassembly and testing,  Cleaning and painting

Labor,  Warranty


*Occasionally, a motor may require something more that the normal rebuild above to put it back into original new condition.  When this occurs we will notify you with this information before any action is taken, and wait for your instructions.


MAJOR REBUILD Includes all procedures above, plus a full armature or stator rewind, when needed.


Please send your treadmill motor to us when you can along with a copy of this webpage.

Normal Rebuild $185.00 Most Models 2-2021

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