Autopsy Saw Rebuilding

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Autopsy Saws,

Autopsy Saw Rebuilding

Stryker, Lipshaw, M-Pact, Martin, MOPEC, Mortech, Salaam, Thermo Shandon, and more!

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Rebuilds include all necessary parts and Labor including: 

New Bearings - Front, Rear & Needle Bearing
New Brushes & Springs
Machine & Balance Armature / Rewind Armature
Service Field Coils / Rewind Field Coils
Brush Caps,   Bushings,   Cam,   Felt & Oil,  Gasket,  Oil Seal,   Power Cord,   Power Switch,   Shaft, & Shaft Link

Cleaning & Painting,     Warranty


Please include a copy of this webpage in with your saw when sending it in.  Remember to include all your contact information and other paperwork.  Be sure to pack them well.

$395.00 Most Models 6-2021

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