Pacific Scientific PWM3640-5748-7-1, 3HP Treadmill Motor Rebuilding

Pacific Scientific

Pacific Scientific,  Pac Sci,  

Model:  PWM3640-5748-7-1

Treadmill Motor Repair

3HP    124 DC     3850 RPM

Normal Treadmill Motor Rebuild Incudes the Following:

Armature/Rotor Machining:  Turning, Undercutting, Bar to Bar Coil Resistance Test, 1,000 Volt Hi-Pot Test, Megger Ohms Testing, Shaft Straightening, Armature/Rotor Balancing.  New Bearings.  New Brushes.   Motor bearing journals are inspected and machined if needed.   Motor reassembly and testing:  Proper Rotation, Amp Draw, RPMs.   Cleaning and Painting    Labor    Warranty

MAJOR REBUILD:  Includes all procedures above, plus a full armature rewind, when needed.


Please send your motor to us when you can along with a copy of this webpage.

Normal Rebuild $225.00 Major Rebuild $425.00 1-2024

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